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Life insurance

Property insurance

Is it currently important for property insurance? And for what it is needed. Fortunately or unfortunately you decide. To date, insuring your property is not a “luxury”, but a precaution and even a necessity. Each of us came across when the neighbors are flooded with water, whose house is demolished by the village, perhaps the property has been hit Life insurance
In developed countries, it is as natural to have insurance as to going to work. In our country, due to the circumstances, life insurance is not popular enough. This is due to the distrust of our citizens towards the majority of financial non-state structures and the reluctance to invest their investments in such organizations. Prerequisites for this attitude, a huge number. We need to consider everything in order.

After the collapse of the USSR, most private individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations lost all their earned capital. In fact, none of the victims did not reimburse their savings, even in the minimum amount. After the turbulent 1990s, a large part of the population of our republic is not in a hurry to trust the stability of the domestic financial system and avoids investing money in the accounts of various financial organizations. The current situation shows that many financial and credit institutions with a high level of stability function well. Bankruptcy is simply not threatened, due to the high level of liquidity of assets and constant flow and growth of the base money fund. Theoretically, even the largest and most stable organization can destroy bankruptcy, although in practice this theory with a bad end has almost zero value.

Based on statistics, more than 80% of the population of the Republic of Tajikistan believe that their ratio of financial income will not allow them to use the services of an insurance company. Also, do not forget that we are all not eternal, and health problems arise unexpectedly, and nobody knows when money for treatment and rehabilitation may be needed. Perhaps you will think that during acute need, it will be possible to arrange a loan with the bank. Think, whether it is necessary for you in this situation (or under such complicated circumstances) the heavy burden of debt, which can last indefinitely? The best way out of this situation can be life insurance. It is much more correct to reserve a small percentage of the monthly income than to seek out the entire amount in case of emergency. It should be borne in mind that insurance is not only the content of your funds in the account of a certain company, it is their build-up after a certain time period.

Not everyone of us knows how to live within our means. Often, the monthly salary is quickly spent on the necessary needs: payment of utilities, payment of loans, purchase of food and other essential goods. Therefore, the accumulation of speech simply can not be.

Some citizens who are confident of their stability in the future, holding a good position at work, should not forget about possible financial crises that may affect each of us. Sometimes a big businessman is a simple office clerk. You should know that useless storage of savings will not yield income, and money can work for you.

Recent research has proved the opinion of most experts in the field of finance – most of our fellow citizens prefer to store money in a closet rather than investing in some serious and useful event. Although these unclaimed cash could be invested in a certain deposit, so that they simply did not lie idle. Such financial ignorance makes many not faultless before the instability of our time. In lightning, someone will be drowned in a natural disaster and this is only the beginning of the list.

In order for you to have the opportunity, at least somehow to compensate your expenses insurance companies today and offer such a service as property insurance.

If necessary and desire, you can insure:

At home
Buildings of any type and type
Engineering installations that are inside the building (water supply, ventilation, sewerage, heating system)
Accessories and other movable and non-movable property
Home equipment
Arrangement of buildings inside (window openings, stained-glass windows, walls, ceilings)
Causing harm to third parties (civil liability)
Risks from which you can insure property:

Natural disaster (earthquake, flood, hurricane)
The Abduction
Ignition of domestic gas
Neutrality of neighbors / malfunction of heating, water supply, sewerage systems
Illegal actions of third parties
Damage from falling trees, electric and simple poles, flying and air vehicles, collision of vehicles
Terror acts
All legal entities of organizational and legal forms and all citizens can be property insurers.